Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd was formed over 15 years ago by Dominick Fairbanks, grandson of Hollywood Royalty and Legends, Sir Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Sr. The foundations of the company were based upon “one” of the companies owned and founded by the Family, “United Artists”.

The origins of “United Artists” were to look after artists / actors within the film industry and provide professional representation for them. The company also gave film makers the opportunity to showcase their work through the company and ensure that their films reached the widest audience possible.

“United Artists” are still at the forefront of the film industry to this day with the majority of films released in Hollywood distributed by the company.

Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd has successfully emulated the success of  “United Artists” within the music industry. Some of the world’s biggest artists are looked after and represented by Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd including : Jimmy Page, Madonna, Slipknot, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs to name but a very few.

Our excellent artist relations ensure that Fairbanks Endorsements Ltd is the world’s number 1 Endorsement Management business operating today within the music industry.

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