Artist Relations for Victory Amps.

We work with many brands and manufacturers, here are just some that we have a relationship with:

Orange Amps, Rotosound, Faith Guitars, Roland, ProMark, D’Addario, Evans, Gibson Guitars, Gretsch Drums, Vic Firth, Laney, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Tama, Sabian, Blackstar Amps, Ampeg Amps, Vater Sticks, Ernie Ball Strings, Premier, Zildjian, Engl Amps, TC Electronic Effects, Boss, Yamaha, DBZ Guitars, PRS Guitars, Diamond Amps, Hughes & Kettner Amps, Shine Drums, Peavey, Mapex Drums, Eventide, Stageworks, Marshall Amps, Ludwig, plus many many more….

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