We’re pleased to announce that long-time Fairbanks Endorsements clients  The Cribs have won the Q Awards “Spirit of Independence” Award.

Hey everyone.
we just wanted to extend our thanks to
everyone for their support and assistance throughout the years. We are
all totally stoked to have won the ‘Spirit of Independence’ award at
this years Q Awards, and to currently be on another really successful
UK tour almost 10 years after we first headed out on the road. After
scoring a second consecutive top 10 album, and having a killer
festival season on top of that we are pretty blown away to be in the
midst of probably our most successful year to date – which is pretty
wild for a band like us. We really appreciate all the help and belief
that you guys have had in us, and just wanted to let you know that. It
hasn’t been the easiest route, and so having the right people in our
corner has gone a long way!

The Cribs x