We’re very pleased to announce that Verses have signed to Fairbanks Endorsements to handle their endorsement needs.


The band will be heading out on tour this February in support of their debut album

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Big rock with heart from Brighton, UK.New single ‘Feel It Faster’ OUT NOW. Get it on iTunes here:http://bit.ly/vfifpre
Ready to make 2014 their own, Verses can finally reveal their stunning debut album, ‘Feel It Faster.’Eleven tracks of soaring, evocative rock, it’s the fulfilment of a dream this four-piece have held from their early teens, and a substantial step up from 2012’s acclaimed mini-album, ‘Come To Life’. Having paid their dues over countless months on the road, Brighton’s finest can now well and truly make their name.“This album sums up everything our band is about,” smiles frontman Jason Danzelman.”We’ve always wanted to write a full-length that you can connect to in so many situations. There’s more feeling to this album than anything we’ve done before, and more variety too.”From the immediate hooks in title track and lead single ‘Feel It Faster’ to the undeniably infectious bounce of ‘Making Statues’, and the sing-along-anthem ‘Live In The Sky’ to the powerful rise and fall of ‘Distance’, Verses’ dedication to honing their craft as songwriters is starting to produce impressive results.“There’s a lot of ebb and flow to it,” bassist Joe ‘Fish’ Gale adds. “We all love those records you can listen to a hundred times, where you’ll still discover new things. I think this album is one of those, with songs like ‘Cut It Down’ that are unlike anything we’ve done before. It feels like everything’s been building up to this.”

After years of climbing the ladder the band have drawn upon their personal trials and experiences here, crafting a release that’s as grounded as it is uplifting. Fittingly they’ll be releasing it off their own backs, reluctant to surrender control to a label.

“A lot of the album touches on the idea of learning to accept that things won’t always go the way you want,” Jason explains, “that if you want life to be good, you’ve got to make it good, and enjoy the ride while it lasts. We’ve had a lot of hard times as a band, but have found where we belong, who we want to be. It’s been a gradual process, and now we’re ready to build a career.”

“The way we’re releasing it ties into that,” notes Fish, “We want to get this out to everyone we can, while not answering to anyone but ourselves.”

You’ll be hearing plenty more from Verses in the weeks and months ahead, as they’re set to announce by far their biggest shows to date. The plan for 2014 is simple: tour, tour, tour.

“This time around we want to hit every festival that’s a fit for us,” Jason nods. “It’s going to be our busiest year by far, and we can’t wait to share these new songs with our fans, as well as so many new people. It’s an incredibly exciting time.”

Get ready for something truly remarkable.

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